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MessageSujet: Balistique   Balistique Icon_minitimeLun 06 Oct 2008, 15:33

Pour les amoureux de la balistique, voici le tableau de la courses des balles pour la v0.85...dans la langue de Shakespeare...

The following values are what will go into 0.85 testing. So bare in mind that this is not final. This journal post is just so everyone knows that the deviation system is still being refined.

What you see below is the result of myself and others assessing how the changes made for 0.8 impacted gameplay, as well as what changes needed to be made in order to keep all the benefits of the 0.8 deviation while addressing the problems.

Ironsight/Scoped rifle


1. Hit Capability and its relativity to settle time after moving (WASD). Basically, this is how far your bullet will deviate from exactly where you aim while sighted in.

Standing @ 250m

0 Seconds : 7m
1 Seconds : 5.9m
2 Seconds : 4.8m
3 Seconds : 3.8m
4 Seconds : 2.7m
5 Seconds : 1.7m
6 Seconds : 0.7m

Crouching @ 250m

0 Seconds : 5.2m
1 Seconds : 4.4m
2 Seconds : 3.6m
3 Seconds : 2.8m
4 Seconds : 2.0m
5 Seconds : 1.3m
6 Seconds : 0.5m

Prone @ 250m

0 Seconds : 4.3m
1 Seconds : 3.7m
2 Seconds : 3.0m
3 Seconds : 2.4m
4 Seconds : 1.7m
5 Seconds : 1.0m
6 Seconds : 0.4m

Take into account that a soldier in the BF2 engine is roughly 0.4 meters wide. So if you're prone, have settled for six seconds and are pacing your shots well you'll hit a target 250m away 10/10.

2. Increased settle time required after each shot from 1 second to 2.5 seconds

3. Decreased maximum cone of fire

4. Increased non-sighted accuracy for CQB purposes



1. Significantly improved accuracy allowing for DM rifles to engage targets up to and including 600m.

2. Increased settle time required (for maximum accuracy) after each shot from 1 second to 4.5 seconds

3. Increased settle time required (for maximum accuracy) after moving from 2.5 seconds to 5 seconds

4. Increased maximum cone of fire from moving



1. Increased crouch accuracy (accurate out to 600m)

2. Increased prone accuracy (accurate out to any viewable distance)



1. Numerous changes to make them more "personal defence" orientated.



1. Doubled settle time after moving

2. Increased deviation added after each shot



1. Lowered deviation of both deployed and undeployed states

2. Doubled the settle time required after moving from 3 seconds to 6 seconds for deployed state only (this is to discourage what happens now where players just run around with it constantly deployed and insta-prone upon engagement)


As always, this is not about injecting absolute realism into an engine that doesn't support it. It's about finding a balance between relative realism and gameplay that works within the confines of the BF2 engine and promotes teamwork.

Special thanks to [R-CON]Wolfe for putting deviation on the right path in 0.8 and laying the foundation for the changes you see listed above (which were heavily advised by him during several teamspeak meetings).



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