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 L'histoire de Project Reality BF2

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Age : 58
Localisation : Tipoca city - Kamino au-delà de bordure extérieure..
Date d'inscription : 26/01/2008

L'histoire de Project Reality BF2 Empty
MessageSujet: L'histoire de Project Reality BF2   L'histoire de Project Reality BF2 Icon_minitimeMar 12 Mar 2013, 19:29

La colossale somme de travail réalisée par les développeurs de Project Reality valait bien cette rétrospective. De la création de PR BF2 jusqu'à la version 0.95.
(A noter que les dates sont au format français).

Forums Project Reality, ouverture le 23 07 2004

"Welcome to Project Reality, a modification for the upcoming Battlefield 2.
Enjoy your stay!

requiem, project founder"


Project Reality New Website, ouverture le 25 08 2004

Project Reality :: BF2 Mod ::


Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.1 - 08 07 2005

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]JS.Fortnight.A
* [R-DEV]requiem
* [R-DEV]UK_Force
* [R-DEV]ArchEnemy

New features :
* Kill- and hit indicator removed
* Weapons damage increased
* Reticles removed
* Parachutes removed
* Adjusted physics of vehicles and characters

New weapons/equipment :
* None

New maps :
* All vBF2 maps included

Items removed :
* ...


Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.2 - 27 10 2005

New Project Reality developers :
* ...

New features :
* Added HEI/AP rounds for APCs
* Added zoom to MBTs/APCs/AAVs

New weapons/equipment :
* ...

New maps :
* All vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired :
* Removed call UAV ability from squad leader/commander commo rose :


Project Reality Tournament : Campaign 1 started - 18 02 2006


Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.25 - 25 05 2006

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]BlakeJr
* [R-DEV]Black Beret
* [R-DEV]Eddie Baker
* [R-DEV]Evilhomer
* [R-DEV]eggman
* [R-DEV]Stigger

New features :
* New Assault and Secure game mode (AAS) - capture flags in a specific order to focus and intensify combat
* Minor tweaks to weapons, new visuals, infantry load out adjustments

New weapons/equipment :
* ...

New vehicles :
* MH-6 Littlebird (USMC)

New maps :
* Oasis by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs MEC)
* Steel Thunder by Illicit Films (USMC vs PLA)
* Strike at Karkand 2 by Hrothgar (USMC vs MEC)
* All vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.3 - 11 05 2006

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]JavaMoose
* [R-DEV]Happy
* [R-DEV]Ghostrider
* [R-DEV]AiRfOrCe
* [R-DEV]Exel
* [R-DEV]RipFire
* [R-DEV]KingofCamelot
* [R-DEV]Rhino
* [R-DEV]TheRealFritz
* [R-DEV]Katarn
* [R-DEV]Gaz
* [R-DEV]e-Gor
* [R-DEV]Wraith
* [R-DEV]Wolfmaster

New features :
* Many weapons and class changes
* New Extraction game mode - escorting a SUV through checkpoints to an escape point
* New Single Objective game mode - the attacking team must destroy the enemy radar and UAV to win the map

New weapons/equipment :
* SPR S-MOD rifle (USMC)
* P226 pistol (USMC)

New vehicles :
* Black SUV (USMC)

New maps :
* Muttrah City by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
* Jabal Al Burj by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
* CP Abadan by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
* Road to Kyongan’Ni by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
* Jungle Fever by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs PLA)
* Operation Nightshift by BierPizzaChips (USMC vs MEC)
* Zhanjiang Security Area by Khrimson (USMC vs PLA)
* El Alamein XXL by Mr. Burns (USMC vs MEC)
* Sharqi Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
* Karkand Night Ops by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
* Mashtuur Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
* 8 vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.32 map pack patch - 11 09 2006

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]2Slick4U
* [R-DEV]Fullforce
* [R-DEV]MasterTom
* [R-DEV]NikovK
* [R-DEV]qwerty4030
* [R-DEV]sofad
* [R-DEV]Stinger
* [R-DEV]Thomazz
* [R-DEV]xW0LFx

New features :
* Fixed supply drop height
* Changed round start delays to 90 seconds for all game modes

New maps :
* EJOD Desert by [R-DEV]Thomazz (USMC vs MEC)
* Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
* Hongshangu by GA-KnomboeBoy (USMC vs PLA)
* Goods Station by [R-CON]spfreak (USMC vs MEC)

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality v0.4 - 11 11 2006

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]Alex L.

New features :
* Kit limiting system
* New kit loadouts and new kits (Light AT, Heavy AT, Anti-Air, Anti Infantry)
* New HUD that is less visible/takes up less screen space
* New sound effects for several weapons and vehicles
* Reduced name tag draw distance
* New insurgent faction introduced
* New British faction introduced

New weapons/equipment :
* Field dressings (all factions)
* L85A2 SUSAT (British)
* L85A2 iron sights (British)
* L115A1 sniper rifle (British)
* L7A1 mounted GPMG (British)
* L1191A (British)
* L9 pistol (British)
* LAW80 (British)
* RPG7 from BF:SF (insurgents)
* Remote detonated claymores (all factions)
* Molotov cocktails *early version (insurgents)
* UGL launched smoke (all factions)
* Grappling hook from BF:SF (all factions)

New vehicles :
* T62 tank (insurgents
* Saxon APC (British)
* A10 Warthog (USMC)
* ECH365 scout helicopter (PLA)
* Support HMMWV from USI (USMC)
* Technical .50cal from BF:SF (insurgents)
* Civilian car from BF:SF (insurgents)
* Big Red bomb truck from BF:SF (insurgents)

New maps :
* Al Basrah (v1) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs insurgents)
* Gulf of Aqaba by Khrimson & Korben Dallas (GB vs insurgents)
* Hills of Hamgyong by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
* Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
* Operation Ghost Train by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
* Operation Greasy Mullet by ? (USMC vs MEC)
* Qwai River by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (USMC vs PLA)
* Raid on Moskiye by [R-DEV]matt.b (GB vs insurgents)
* Street by spfreak (GB vs insurgents)
* Sunset City by [R-DEV].:XDR:.FRIJJ (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality v0.5 - 09 02 2007

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]duckhunt
* [R-DEV]IronTaxi
* [R-DEV]BrokenArrow
* [R-DEV]jarleif
* [R-DEV]dbzao
* [R-DEV]dizzy
* [R-DEV]fuzzhead

New features :
* Added new squad Rally Point system
* Added new vehicle damage system
* Tank & pilot kits
* Destructible environments
* Advance and Secure (AAS) v2

New weapons/equipment :
* QBZ rifle series (PLA)
* M-14 marksman rifle (USMC)
* AT4 Light AT (USMC)

New vehicles :
* Merlin HC3 transport helicopter (British)
* Land Rover (British)

New maps :
* Airport by [R-CON]spfreak (GB vs MEC)
* Al Basrah (v1.5) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs insurgents)
* Helmand Province by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs insurgents)
* Inishail Forest by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs PLA)
* Operation Phoenix by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs MEC)

Items removed/retired :
* Removed forward spawn points from flags


Project Reality v0.6 - 17 07 2007

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]Spearhead
* [R-DEV]Matrox
* [R-DEV]Dr Rank
* [R-DEV]Jaymz

New features :
* Militia faction
* Commander assets
* New spawning systems
* Wave spawning heavy assets
* Kit limiting updated
* Insurgent civilian kit
* Insurgency game mode
* Massive battlefields
* Long range engagements
* Server licensing system implemented

New weapons/equipment :
* Shovel/e-tool (all factions)
* G3A3 assault rifle (MEC)
* Chinese QBZ-95 UGL rifle (PLA)
* M40 sniper rifle (USMC)
* PPSH (militia)
* Stones (insurgents)

New vehicles :
* Warrior IFV (British)
* AH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopter (British)

New maps :
* Al Basrah (v2) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs insurgents)
* Al Kufrah Oilfields by [R-CON]DarkOverlord (GB vs MEC)
* Bi Ming (Night) by [R-DEV]Dr.Rank (GB vs PLA)
* Kashan Desert by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs MEC)
* Seven Gates by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs PLA)
* vBF2 Zatar Wetlands customized (USMC vs MEC)
* vBF2 Daqing Oilfields customized (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired :
* Retired Extraction game mode


Project Reality v0.7 core & levels - 31 12 2007

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]Outlaw22
* [R-DEV]MacNeill_USA
* [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson
* [R-DEV]AtlantaFalcons
* [R-DEV]Rico

New features :
* New commander/squad leader build system
* New commander functions
* New commander feature: GPS guided bomb area attack
* New commander feature: SAT guided air strike
* Close air support improvements
* New ammo resupply system
* Spawn point revision
* Long range distant weapon sound effects
* Counter-Attack game mode
* Deviation system added

New weapons/equipment :
* M16A4 ACOG and iron sights (USMC)
* RPG-7 (insurgents / militia)
* IED - improvised explosive device (insurgents)

New vehicles :
* Scimitar recon (British)
* Challenger 2 main battle tank (British)
* Eurofighter jet (British)

New maps :
* Battle for Qinling by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
* Bi Ming (Day) by [R-DEV]Dr Rank (GB vs PLA)
* Fools Road by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs militia)

Items removed/retired :
* Removed infantry minimap


Project Reality v0.756 - 16 03 2008

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]Falkun
* [R-DEV]GrayeKnight

New features :
* Deviation system tweaked heavily
* Added new suppression effects when getting shot at

New weapons/equipment :
* ?

New vehicles :
* UH-1N Iroquois "Huey" transport (USMC)
* UH-1N Iroquois "Huey" gunship (USMC)

New maps :
* Operation Archer by [R-DEV]Paramedic.ca (USMC vs insurgents)

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality v0.8 core & levels - 29 08 2008

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]AfterDune
* [R-DEV]AncientMan
* [R-DEV]A.J.Sawyer
* [R-DEV]CAS_117
* [R-DEV]Cheeseman
* [R-DEV]Chuc
* [R-DEV]CodeRedFox
* [R-DEV]foul_killer
* [R-DEV]LeadMagnet
* [R-DEV]Masaq
* [R-DEV]Mosquill
* [R-DEV]Nickbond592
* [R-DEV]ohnomelon
* [R-DEV]OkitaMakoto
* [R-DEV]TrahnLee
* [R-DEV]Undies

New features :
* All new custom animations, sounds and effects
* Deviation system overhauled again
* Enterable command post - required for all commander functions
* Commander placeable map markers to help team coordination
* Spotting system for squad leaders and commander
* Commander deployed off-map artillery, mortars and JDAM strikes
* All conventional factions and militia - deployable heavy machine guns
* Insurgents - deployable insurgent hideouts
* Assault and Secure Version 3
* Command & Control (CnC) game mode - new "hardcore, open ended" mode of play
* Skirmish game mode - for clan matches
* Training mode

New weapons/equipment :
* Underbarrel grenade launchers - M4 M203, M16A4 M203, G3 HK79, L85A2 AG36 & new sights
* M4 carbine (US army)
* M249 SAW/Minimi (US army, USMC and British)
* SSGP1 sniper rifle (MEC)
* G3SG1 rifle (MEC)
* RPG26 anti tank (MEC)
* L85A2 bayonet (British)
* L86 light support weapon (British)
* Zipties on insurgency (BLUFOR factions)
* Short magazine Lee Enfield No.4 rifle - ironsights and scoped (militia and insurgents)
* Samozaryadniy karabin sistemi simonova (SKS) (militia and insurgents)
* Molotov cocktail (insurgents)
* RKG-3 anti tank grenade (insurgents)
* Cellular telephone (insurgents)
* Medic tools - resuscitate compression (all factions)
* Medic tools - epinephrine auto injector (all factions)

New vehicles :
* M2A2 Bradley APC (US army)
* UH-60 Blackhawk (US army)
* M1126 Stryker ICV (US army)
* HMMWV (US army / USMC)
* Stormer Anti Air Vehicle (British)
* RAF Tornado GR4 (British)

New maps :
* Korengal Valley by [R-DEV]CodeRedFox (US army vs insurgents)
* Muttrah City 2 by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
* Operation Barracuda by [R-DEV]duckhunt and [R-DEV]Dr Rank (USMC vs PLA)
* Ramiel by [R-DEV]OkitaMakota (US army vs insurgents)
* Tad Sae by [R-DEV]Nickbond (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality Single Player v0.8 - 15 12 2008

New Features :
* Added insurgency AAS mode

New Maps :
* ...


Project Reality v0.85 core & levels - 23 01 2009

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]bosco
* [R-DEV]Deer
* [R-DEV]Drav
* [R-DEV]GeZe
* [R-DEV]Hitperson
* [R-DEV]~KILL~Pirate
* [R-DEV]ohnomelon
* [R-DEV]Nosferatu
* [R-DEV]PRC_Heavy_Z
* [R-DEV]Pride

New features :
* Logistics system overhauled
* Deviation system refined and improved
* Vehicle resupply & repair overhauled
* New HUD's for all attack helicopters
* New HUD's for all Russian vehicles
* New minimap icons for all vehicles

New weapons/equipment :
* AK-47 (insurgent, Taliban, Chechen rebels)
* AK-47 bayonet (Chechen rebels)
* AK-74 scoped, ironsight, UGL (insurgents, Taliban, Chechen rebels)
* AK-74M scoped, ironsight and UGL (Russians)
* AKS-74U (Russians, insurgents, Chechen, Taliban)
* Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi insurgents, Taliban)
* Artillery IED (Iraqi insurgents)
* Grenade trap (Iraqi insurgents, Taliban)
* Incendiary grenades (all factions)
* M16A4 with M68 (USMC)
* PF-98 heavy anti-tank (PLA)
* RPG-7 tandem warhead (Russians)
* SA80 bayonet (British)
* Trip flare (all factions)

New vehicles :
* BTR-60 APC (Russia and MEC)
* Gaskin anti-air vehicle (MEC)
* Humvee Avenger anti-air vehicle (USA)
* Logistic trucks (all factions)
* Lynx AH-7 transport helicopter (British)
* T-72 MBT (MEC)

New maps :
* Asad Khal by [R-DEV]Deer (GB vs MEC)
* Fallujah West by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs insurgents)
* Karbala by [R-DEV]KillPirate (US army vs insurgents)
* Kozelsk by [R-DEV]Deer (Russia vs Chechen rebels)
* Operation Archer Redux by [R-DEV]Paramedic.ca (USMC vs Taliban)

Items removed/retired :
* Removed player direction indicators on map
* Removed wrench ability to repair vehicles, instead it is able to remove mines and traps
* Retired vBF2 Vodnik (MEC)
* Retired vBF2 Nanjing (PLA)


Project Reality Single Player v0.85 - 28 02 2009

New features :
* ...

New maps :
* ...


Project Reality v0.86 - 19 06 2009

New Project Reality developers :
* [R-DEV]Twisted Helix
* [R-DEV]Kaijleor
* [R-DEV]Hans Martin Slayer
* [R-DEV]77SiCaRiO77
* [R-DEV]Z-Trooper

New features :
* Insurgency heavily tweaked to improve gameplay
* tweaked civilian class to prevent exploits
* tweaked the medic system
* Changed combat medic to now be a limited kit
* Added automatic rifleman (limited) and officer ironsights (limited) to the spawn menu
* Added "auto-deploy" to menu to automatically join full servers when a slot is free
* Heavily improved the server browser in the main menu
* Added news ticker to the bottom of the main menu
* Added zoom to all conventional faction's LMG's
* Standardized and updated various weapon, vehicle and effects sounds
* Tweaks to various maps to increase performance, help game balance, and enhance gameplay
* Countless bug fixes and tweaks to improve your Project Reality experience

New weapons/equipment :
* Added M249 with Elcan and ACOG scope to USMC, US army, and GB forces

New vehicles :
* Added new PLA WZ551A with new QJC-88 MG

New maps :
* ...

Items removed/retired :
* ...


Project Reality v0.87 - 04 09 2009

New features :
* Battlefield 2 v1.5 compatible
* All new commander UAV
* Insurgent/Taliban commander informants
* Multiple bug fixes and various game play tweaks

New maps :
* ...

Items removed/retired :
* Removed tracers from all of the insurgent/Taliban weapons
* Reverted LAT and HAT projectile explosion radii back to v0.85 values
* Removed higher hitpoints for attack huey to be in par with the other heavy attack choppers


Project Reality v0.87B open gameplay beta (server side) 03 11 2009

* Removed Rally Point spawning
* Lowered the spawn penalty for death by 25% (maximum of 45 seconds instead of 60 seconds)
* Raised the maximum number of Forward Outposts available from 4 to 5
* Forward Outposts can now be built with one supply crate instead of two (all other deployables still need two)


Project Reality v0.87C open gameplay beta - part 2 (server side) 19 11 2009

* Squad Rally Points expire after 30s from being placed
* Rally Points cannot be placed with enemies close
* Limited infantry kits require a squad of 3 to be requested
(Automatic Rifleman, Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman AT and Marksman).
* Forward Outposts can be built 200m apart (decrease from 300m).
* Other deployable assets (HMGs, AAs, foxholes, etc.) can be placed up to 200m from the Forward Outpost
(increase from 150m).


Project Reality v0.87D open gameplay beta - part 3 (server side) 27 11 2009

1. Lowered maximum spawn penalty from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
2. Raised the maximum number of Forward Outposts available from 4 to 6.
3. Forward Outposts can be built 200m apart (decrease from 300m).
4. Forward Outposts can be built with one supply crate instead of two.
5. Deployable assets (HMGs, AAs, Foxholes, etc) require two supply crates do build.
6. Deployable assets can be placed up to 200m from the Forward Outpost (increase from 150m).
7. Limited infantry kits require a squad of 3 to be requested or spawned with
(Automatic Rifleman, Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman AT and Marksman).
8. Rally Points expire after 60 seconds from being placed.
9. Rally Points cannot be placed with a single enemy close (100m radius).
10. Rally Points are limited to only one placement before needing to be "rearmed".
11. Rally Points are "rearmed" by the Squad Leader when spawning (except on the RP)
or getting close to a Forward Outpost, Command Post or Supply Depot.


Project Reality v0.9 part 1of2 & 2of2 - 02 02 010 (password revealed 05 02 2010)

New features :
* IDF, Canada and Hamas factions have been introduced with all their bells and whistles.
* Coop has been integrated into this version, no need to download extra files COOP is ready to go out of the box.
* 8 brand new maps specifically designed for PR game play, and many more existing maps improved.
* New vehicles, including the Chinook Transport Helicopter, MAN GB Logistics Truck and Merkava MK4 Main Battle Tank to name a few.
* New Vehicle Warfare mode focused solely on armoured combat, and updated Insurgency and CNC modes.
* Multiple bug fixes including eliminating the vehicle sound bug and the "insta-proning" CQB exploit.
* Overhaul of both the Rally Point and Deployable Asset systems.
* New and updated Squad Leader and Commander tools, giving these key roles more resources on the battlefield.
* New realistic kit geometries modeled from real gear for US Army, Russia and IDF factions, coupled with new stance animations.
* The revolutionary 3rd party 3D positional VOIP software "Mumble" is now integrated into the PR installer.

New weapons/equipment :
* Tavor 21 and CTAR/STAR variants (IDF)
* M4 with MARS and MEPRO21 reflex sights (IDF)
* Negev LMG with ACOG, MEPRO21 and ironsights (IDF)
* M72A6 LAW (IDF, CF)
* Jericho 941 pistol (IDF)
* Matador HAT Launcher (IDF)
* Buttstock melee smash with M4 and TAR21 rifles (IDF)
* C7 with Elcan Optics (CF)
* C9 and C9A2 (CF)
* NLAW AT Launcher(GB)
* M16A1 and sawed off variants (IDF, HAMAS)
* MG3 with Elcan Optics and ironsights (MEC)
* RPG-7 Tandem Warhead (RU, MIL)
* Type 82 Fragmentation Grenade (PLA)
* Browning Hi-Power (INS, MIL, TALI, HAMAS)
* Remington 870 shotgun (IDF, INS)
* Milan Stationary ATGM (MEC)
* DHsK Heavy Machine Gun (TALI, MIL, HAMAS, INS)
* M4 and M16A4 bayonets, mounted on the weapon with increased range (USA)
* QBZ95 bayonets, mounted on the weapon with increased range (PLA)
* LMG, Grenadier, Rifleman AT, and Marksman rifles with new Ironsight variants (All Factions)
* Remote Detonated Anti Personnel Mines (All Factions)
* P226 Pistol (MEC)

New vehicles :
* Armored Command Vehicles (All Factions)
* M1A1 Main Battle Tank (USMC)
* M1A2 Main Battle Tank (US-A)
* Chinook Transport Helicopter (CF, GB, US-A)
* MAN Supply/Logistics Truck (GB)
* Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank (CF)
* LAV-3 APC with fully modeled interior (CF)
* G-Wagon Jeep (CF)
* MiG 29 Fighter (RUS)
* Merkava MK4 Main Battle Tank (IDF)
* M113 Light APC (IDF)
* Recon HMMWV (IDF)
* VN3 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (PLA)
* Ammunition Resupply Technical (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL)
* Alternative Technical from BF2:SF (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL)
* Dumpster Bomb Truck (INS, TALI, HAMAS)
* Unarmed variant of BRDM-2 (RUS, MIL)
* Unarmed variant of Big Red Truck (TALI, INS, HAMAS)
* Different colored variants of civilian bomb cars (TALI, INS, HAMAS)

New maps :
* Beirut by [R-DEV]Deer (IDF vs RU) (AAS)
* Dragon Fly by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs MIL) (AAS)
* Gaza Beach by Hfett (IDF vs HAMAS) (INS)
* Iron Ridge by [R-DEV]~KILL~Pirate (RU vs MIL) (AAS, Insurgency)
* Lashkar Valley by [R-DEV]Hans Martin Slayer (GB vs TALI) (Insurgency)
* Siege at Ochamachira by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs MIL) (AAS)
* Silent Eagle by [R-COM]marcoelnk (US ARMY vs RUS) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare)
* Yamalia by [R-DEV]Deer (CF vs RU) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare)

Items removed/retired :
* Training mode removed
* vbf2 M1A2 retired
* Removed requirement for Commander to be in the Command Post/ACV to use his Command Screen. Commander can now use his Command Screen anywhere
(but still needs to be in the ACV to use the UAV)
* Removed requirement for insurgent, taliban and hamas commanders to have the officer kit to enter the command post
* Removed tracers from RPK (formerly Al Quds)
* Removed tracers from the old style AK74 variants


Project Reality v0.91 full game or patch - 10 04 2010

- Fixes and Changes
Project Reality v0.91 is primarily a "bug fix" release to correct issues which were introduced with the Project Reality v0.9 release. In this new patch, we have strived to fix and tweak as many aspects of the game as possible to creating the most realistic, team oriented, online gaming experience available on the PC. Here is a brief overview of the major fixes made :
* Fixed TOW/HJ8 crash for some people when entering.
* Fixed Leopard 2A6 and Merkava HUDs having several graphic issues.
* Fixed IDF using english voices in some maps.
* Fixed spectator camera vehicle (prbot) crashing dedicated servers.
* Enemies close to mapper placed rally points will expire them.
* Forward Outposts can't be deployed too close to the edge of the map.
* Lowered maximum number of TOWs per team from 3 to 2.
* Medic kit requires 2 players in the squad to be requestable, instead of 4.
* Rally Points rearm automatically 10 min after expiring. Skirmish gamemode it's still 2 min.
* Updated various maps to help with performance issues.
* Updated Deployable MG nests to have 4x zoom.
* Losing a Forward Outpost will add a slow ticket bleed to the team on CnC.
* The team has 5 min to rebuild a destroyed Forward Outpost before the bleed starts on CnC.
* Forward Outposts must be deployed closer to the center of the map to inflict higher ticket bleed on the enemy on CnC.
* Decreased tickets from 300 to 200 on Vehicle Warfare.


Project Reality 0.91 hotfix 1 (server side) 16 04 2010

hotfix lowering the map edge distance check when placing Forward Outposts from 200m to 10m. We kept it at 10m so there's still a check to avoid out of bounds placements, considered as exploits.

There's still a 200m check when placing FOs in the Command and Control game mode, since the Forward Outposts are the main objectives of that mode. That's the distance all defenses can be placed in relation to the FO, so we don't want to see people using the map edges as an artificial defense multiplier.


Project Reality 0.91 hotfix 2 (server side) 15 05 2010

*Added method to check regularly for Forward Outposts to delete bugged spawn points.
*Rally Points set near Forward Outposts will expire like normal.
*Death count should never go bellow zero.
*Attempt to make random selection of objectives a little more random.
*Added a little message 5 seconds before rounds ends so you know it's ending before the "connection problem" message.


Project Reality part 1of3, 2of3 & 3of3 - 09 10 2010 (password revealed 15 10 2010)

New features and changes :
*3D scopes for all Handheld Scoped Weapons
*Underslung Grenade Launchers with Adjustable Range
*Deployable Mortars
*2D Marker System
*Overhauled Commander UAV System
*Thermal Imaging for Ground and Air Vehicles
*Close Support Bridges
*New German Faction
*Over 10 New Vehicles and Over 40 New Weapons
*New Custom Kit Geometries for Nearly 7 Factions
*4 New Maps: Burning Sands, Iron Eagle, Kokan and Wanda Shan


Source : http://www.teamplayergaming.com/bf2-project-reality/71161-history-project-reality.html


L'histoire de Project Reality BF2 Signature_Delta

"Ne demande pas ce que ta Team peut faire pour toi, mais demande toi ce que tu peux faire pour elle..."

"La Team MIF : parfois copiée, jamais égalée!!"
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L'histoire de Project Reality BF2
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